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1.2...3 breathe 5 Ways to Maintain Your Emotional Health

Have you ever had a moment when you just had to step away take a deep breath to keep from exploding or going from 0 to 100 quickly. Most of the time we don't consider how badly we are affecting our bodies by having that one moment (or few) of stepping out of character. I have had countless times where I could literally feel every part of my body going out of whack all at once. Instant headache, sudden stomach upset, anxiety, all over what? A situation that won't and can't change no matter how upset i get.

5 ways to channel your inner peace and obtain optimal emotional health

1. Don't live in the past Focus on whats ahead. Unfortunately we don't have a time machine where we can go back and erase all of the bad choices we made. Ugly tattoo, split tongue piercing.. maybe, but definitely not the one boyfriend or girlfriend that we dedicated years to only for them to turn their back on you. You can't change the 10 years you spent in college obtaining a degree you never intended to use but you can pursue the career you desire and incorporate the knowledge and skills learned from that field. Make the most of every situation, move forward, and press on.

2. Add the take away Make a list of every bad situation that impacted you the most and list the positive attributes that you took away from that situation. For example,

you may have been close to homeless after being laid off from a 10 year job, but you learned how to adapt and survive in desperate times and overcome it which in turn made you stronger.

3. Breathe As simple as it may sound a lot of times taking a step away from whatever is agitating you (In my case it sometimes includes work,kids,husband etc ha ha) and just take a few deep breaths. Deep as in trying to suck in the whole atmosphere around you and release slowly. As you release you will slowly feel like you are in an emotionally better place. If you still have the urge to punch a wall, try turning up your favorite song and dance or exercise away the negative energy.

4. Write Writing may not be therapy for everyone but it definitely is for me. I not only write grocery list, to do list, goals list but I write about my feelings. Not every emotion is worthy of a conversation. I guarantee those dreaded words "We need to talk", wont be so dreadful to your spouse or significant other if every situation is not discussed.


There is no time better to clean than when you are angry, even if you don't normally care to do it. I have had my house cleaned top to bottom in record speeds at times when I have been upset. Most women and men as well can relate. Take the time out to organize your cluttered desk that you have been meaning to get to for months or your closet full of useless clothes. The closet cleaning is a bonus for me because then I can move on to step two of anger management by indulging in some retail therapy.

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