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Life organization hacks that you need to know and use now

A mother of three boys, a full time job working 40 hours a week, and at one time going to school full time as well. My day to day consisted of working an 8 hour shift, cooking dinner, helping with homework ,taking kids to sports practice, and finally completing my homework. Extremely overwhelming... but I managed obtained my bachelors and am still in motion. Some of my tips may help you.

1. Organization. Nothing is more important than organization. Organize your appointments, bills that are due ,upcoming events, and dinner menu for the entire week. I use both an electronic calendar as well as a physical one. It is easier to write down my husband and I's paydays in a physical calendar along with the bills that are due that pay period.

2. Prioritize. Does it matter that there are a few dirty dishes left in the sink when that time can be spent doing homework or getting ahead in class by doing a few extra assignments?

3.Determine your times of peak productivity. I find that I am most productive early in the morning. Even on the weekend I find that getting up at 5 or 6 am I can get a lot more done while the entire house is sleeping. Some may be more productive late at night.

4. Ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Especially if you have children that are capable of helping. Everyone in my household has assigned duties. My 5 year old has chores such as cleaning the windows, making his bed or sweeping the floor. My 10 year old has the responsibility of taking out the trash and vacuuming on the weekend. I may occasionally ask my 14 year old to mow the lawn or wash the dishes. If I am too tired to cook or have other priorities I ask my husband to take over dinner prep.

Stay tuned for more great tips!

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