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Best Relationship Advice Ever.. How to Find the Pony

How you can embrace the differences between you and your mate.

Whether you are in a relationship or committed marriage arguments are obviously inevitable. A marriage course that my husband and I took emphasized the point to find the pony to avoid conflict or lessen the effect of a disagreement. In case you are wondering what this Pony thing is all about. I will tell you the story behind it.

One Christmas Eve a brother and sister were so anxious to open their presents Christmas morning that they could hardly go to sleep. Although there were no gifts under the tree, they just knew a special delivery would be made overnight while they were sleeping. At the first indication of daylight the sister awoke and hastily woke her brother up. They ran downstairs almost tumbling over each other. The sister stopped mid step upon reaching the last step. The both almost stepped in a pile of dung. More piles lead all of the way up to their Christmas tree. The brother was in disbelief as his sister continued to search the house. What are you looking for we have all i see is piles of crap. Yeah and with all of this crap there has to be a pony somewhere.

The moral of the story is when dealing with difficult situations or people, including your spouse or loved ones, instead of being pessimistic, put a positive spin on things. For example my husband is very meticulous and methodical with EVERY-THING! I could ask him to wash the dishes, they will definitely get washed, but it may take a few hours. I am talking about the dishes will get cleaned the refrigerator and pantry will be organized. I could very well complain and nag about his time consuming cleanliness but instead, I choose to find the PONY in this situation. I thank him for washing the dishes but I also may just leave him be for those few hours to do his thing. If there is something more urgent, I may need him to do i'll ask him to do that first or i'll just jump in there and help him, which also gives us time to laugh, joke, and bond. TRY IT!!!!

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