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10 Essential Oils for Women

Essential oils are derived from plants and have long been used to heal the body from common ailments since the times of ancient Egypt. They can be applied directly to the skin once diluted with a carrier oil(such as coconut oil)usually at a 1:10 ratio.Essential oils can also be inhaled at a .01 to .05 ratio . Certain essential oils such as oregano oil can be ingested. Although there are many essential oils that are similar if not just as effective than others, below are 10 of the most commonly used oils for women.

Basil-assist with memory function and focus.relieves tired and achy muscles.

Bulgarian Rose-reduces stress, depression and headaches. Balances testosterone levels. Aphrodisiac that assist in supporting a healthy libido (sex drive).

Clary Sage-Antidepressant, mood stabilizer, estrogen hormone balancer. Can also relieve menstrual pain and discomfort.

Fennel-can ease pain related to menopause. Can assist with hormonal imbalance. Assist nursing mothers with increasing milk production.

Frankincense-decreases inflammation and stress hormone levels.Reduces the appearance of wrinkle and scars.

Lavender-mood stabilizer, promotes sleep, and helps relieve skin irritations.

Neroli-can assist in tightening and lightening skin. reduces anxiety.

Peppermint-mood stabilizer.Can bring clarity during menstrual cycle.

Rosemary-can balance hormones by removing excess estrogen from the body.An abundance of estrogen can be linked to health issues such as infertility and certain types of cancers, can also assist in boosting memory.

Thyme- increases progesterone levels which can assist with infertility.

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