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5 tips to gain weight naturally

Shopping in the Junior section having to buy the smallest size and alter clothing is finally a thing of the past for me. At the tender age of 34 and 3 kids later, my height to weight ratio finally matches in my 5'3" frame. Gaining weight may or may not be a goal of yours, but if it is here are some tips that I used and may help you along the way.

1. Set a healthy and reasonable goal. Be realistic, forty five pounds in 1 month is neither healthy nor reasonable. Don't focus so much on weight , as diet and exercise is most important.

2. Don't give up - Even if you hear a lot of negativity and discouragement along the way, keep at it. Countless times I've heard you should be happy with your size. In my head I'm thinking blah blah I'm not happy, I don't want to settle.

3. Make healthy food choices - Since childhood I've been told I was in the underweight category on the charts, yet no one suggested anything other than to eat more. Ok.. so eat more of what? Protein rich foods such as nuts and grains. Eat three full meals daily along with snacks.

Example: Breakfast- Steel cut oats with cinnamon and brown

sugar with a fresh fruit smoothie or avocado and egg

white bagel.

Snack 1-Banana and granola bar

Snack 2 -Dried nuts(my favorite is pecans, walnuts

with added raisins)

Lunch- Hummus and spinach leaf pita wrap

with a banana/strawberry smoothie

Snack 3-greek yogurt and grapes

Dinner- Baked potato, green beans and garlic bread

4. Eat often - My body is naturally hungry almost every 2 hours. I snack constantly on foods such as apples with peanut butter, carrots with ranch dressing, or yogurt with almost any fruit of my choice.

5. Lastly..Exercise - Of course all of your eating will either dissolve as waste or become those extra added pounds you have been wishing for. The possible problem with the last option is that you can't control where the weight goes. But you can train your body and muscles to do some amazing things; tone and growth! I began to lift weights (I made water weights out of 2 gallon jugs) and those ninety pounds that I previously possessed began to climb into the triple digits. Finally I am at 125lbs and satisfied.

As always consult with your doctor prior to changing or starting a new regime other than prescribed.

Tell me your tips and all about your progress.

Be well! Stay tuned for vegan recipes!

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